Snow Fell Silently

Snow fell silently
In the morning light.

Soft shapes glistening
Carried on breath’s
Airy flight.

Ice glass shards
Pillowing green stalks.

Snow fell silently
Breath held in
Nature’s awe.



Blue Space

Wait a minute….
I’ve got the smokey blues.

Blow winds
Take those clouds
Clean away.

Breathe a hole into
the center of clear skies.

It’s all an illusion
You just have to move
To another point
Of view.

Straight up and out
Push those smokey
Clouds away.

Smooth sailing ahead
And nothing but
Blue skies.

All Green and Flowing

You put me in this container
And expect that I will flourish.

All Green and Flowing..

You fill me up with water and
Think that I will not drown.

All Green and Flowing…

Each edge each connection
Reaching out cautiously.

All Green and Flowing…

How long will I survive
In this container
Filled up with water as
I reach out cautiously?

How long will I remain…

All Green and Flowing?

There Was A Time…

There was a time
When I sat in
This space.

There was a time when
The voices of happy
Children called out
To play.

There was a time when
I didn’t want to be
Anywhere else other
Than here.

There was a time when
The rain fell and we
All huddled under
Gazebo’s embrace.

There was a time when
The warmest spot was
Under Gazebo’s roof.

There was a time when
All my children
Rode bicycles round and
Round shouting in
Pure delight.

Now there is a new time.
I visit alone and sounds
Of children that are
Not my own.

This new time is a
Revisit to when…

There was a time
Favorite thing was
Going to the Park…..

Morning Shower


Wake up
Wake up
Wake Up!

I want to show
You my droplets.

Light hasn’t filled
Them yet but soon
They will shine like
Sparkling diamonds.

See how I hold them
So delicately and

Can’t let a single
One fall to the
Abyss below never
To enjoy the radiance
That they were destined for.

Wake up
Come on sleepy head
Come outside to take
Your morning shower…