Sacred Geography Galleries


Happy Earth Day!  I came across these wonderful galleries featuring the photography of Paul Devereux. Enjoy!



“In this 5-part series of galleries, we will look at a range of sacred geographies, the mindscapes of past times that can still speak to our souls. The power of sacred place.”

Paul Devereux is a research affiliate of the Royal College of Art, London, and is a specialist in the anthropology of consciousness, archaeoacoustics, and psi phenomena.

The galleries can be found at: Seven Pillars House of Wisdom

Image Note: The image for this post is a stock photo of Death Valley National Park. I did not use images from Mr. Devereux’s gallery because of copyrights.  


Welcome to The Enchanted Gate

???????????????????????????????Nature Flows On Paths Unseen
Leaf And Turning Of The Green
Animal Breath And Insects Fly
Hawk Claims Mastery Over Sky.

Here I wait and here I hold
Close to my breast Nature’s
Stories as they unfold.

With open mind
And open heart
I step through the Enchanted Gate
And the quickening of its mysteries
Within my being it does start.

Welcome to the Enchanted Gate Blog.  I will be posting poems, photos and tributes to nature in all of Her glory as she dons the new mantle of each season.

Photo Credit: Edward Fennelly