Looking Out

Not feeling well today
So, I’m looking outside.

Leaves are blowing
Shadows of almost
Noon day’s sun
Etched on the walkway.

Each blowing leaf
Beckoning to me to
Come out and play
But I’m not feeling
my best today.

Slight chill in the air
That keeps me indoors
Despite insistent greenery
That says come breathe
In the fresh air.

So, I lay down on the couch
Looking out the front door
Drifting off to healing sleep
As my healthy self steps over
The threshold and held in Mother
Nature’s greenery I find that
I’m Looking out no more.


Lacy White


Sunlight flows
Through lacy white
Slim and strong
Delicate grace in sight.

Gentle green peeks
In between
Dark stained wood
On branches birds
Fluff feather and preen.

Nature’s Life lay hidden
Within bough and bark
Summer’s hand is calling
And His brilliance of
Light has left graceful mark.

The photo was taken at Ridley Creek State Park. I stopped to take some photos  after visiting my Mom.

Maiden’s Cauldron


Come dance round my cauldron
Come smell herbs burning bright
Come take from my energy of
Youth, fertility and might.

I wait for my consort
The wild youth of
Nature’s fecundity
In passion’s heat the
Cauldron’s flame will
Rise and burn strong.

The union of our passion
This act of creation
Its desire and will
These are the fruits of
The fires that burn
All season long.

Inspired by our Beltane Ritual at Ridley Creek State Park today.

May’s Promise


Morning sun rises
Spreading fingers of
Light calling me to rise
It’s time!

The wind blows gently
And I hear the song of
Wind chimes telling me
It’s time!

The birds chirp eagerly
As wings flutter in
Trees that are greening
Every day because
It’s time!

The delicate fragrance
Of newly budding flower
Wafts through the air
Etching ribbon’s writing
Its time!

I walk on warming soil
No longer frozen from
Cold winter’s touch
It’s time!

Sunlight lingers as
Hours stretch into
Eventide and flaming
Orb of Father Sun flows
Gently into a warm
Night that whispers
It’s time!

May has come and the
Beauty of floral
Colored gown and
Hair of golden sunlight
Holds in her verdant womb
Of fertile growth season’s
Greening of life and land.

This is her cycle’s yearly
Promise that now
It’s Time!