Summer’s Kiss


The heat blazes down like
Lava finding its course from
Molten mouth that gapes wide
Open in a fiery yawn.

Sweat forms like a strand of pearls
Around my neck and forehead
I feel alive and powerful
I am pulsing with life that is
Both hot and sweet in its embrace.

I surrender to the flow of warmth
As strength and vitality move through me
Etching out their course in wet furrow
Of brow and shoulder blade.

The sun hangs overhead in full glory
No eyes may see its blinding beauty
We turn away and close lids that are
Still not able to veil its mysteries.

The heat blazes all around and
All of the world rejoices in Summer’s kiss.

Image: 123RF Stock

Summer Weekend in the Parks

I spent Friday at French Creek and Marsh Creek State Parks with my Hubby. A beautiful day!

At Water’s Edge


Can you see us?
We reach deep into
The water and rise
Up feathery strands
Reaching up towards
Father sky.

Down the Road A Piece


Not sure where I’m going
Don’t really care
The Sun is shining
Brightly ahead
The path is clear
And I’m ready to explore.

Reach and Expand



The sky is my domain
And Sun smiles as
I circle high above.

Some sit and rest
Pausing in their hunt
That’s not my style.


I spread my wings
And command the space
Of limb and branch.

Sun filters through
Feather as I open wide
Wing tip rest on gentle
Bough and I oversee all
That transpires below.

Pause and rest
King of airy realm
Pause and rest
Reaching full expanse.

Green Light! Go!


Light of Green
Shadow and shade
Etching leaf and
Dark branch of Tree.


No need to look up
My light brightens
The circle of Tree
Drenched space.

Earthy Art


Follow the lines
Carved into sun
Baked dirt.

I created it
Just for you.


Follow the pattern
And I have a big
Surprise finish for
You sculpted
By Gaia Herself.

And, Saturday out with Mom and more beautiful scenery!


The Tree called out
“Come near me
And I’ll tell you
A Tale of the Wise”.

“I’ve seen many a
Traveler and sheltered
Them from rain and storm”

“The years have made me
Strong and I twist and
reach towards Father Sky”


I moved a bit closer
The smell of bark
And leaf and dirt
Filling nostril strongly
With its scent.

I heard the Tree whisper
And call out my name..

“Remember your promise
of long long ago
To honor the glory of
Our nature and speak
Often our sacred names”

I turned and saw the
Beauty of another Tree
standing near with cluster of
Trunk and soft downy leaf
And remembered my promise
Of Long long ago.


I bowed with great reverence
To each Tree that I passed
And heard each call to me
In gratitude for the gift
Of Devotion that I shared.

Second Tree to the Left


Soft wings flutter
Lifted on gentle breeze
Of a warm summer day.

So many places to explore and
You follow me as I move through
A labyrinth of green and roses
Lilacs, reds, pinks and orange
Each more vibrant than the other.

I can’t wait any longer
While you linger on the petal
Of flower’s beautiful face
So, when you are finished
Come join me in the graceful
Curves of the second tree to the left.


Image: Hershey, PA 7.2014 (rcf)