Writing Delays!


Hi Everyone… Thank you for following my blog. As time will have it, back to college, new job interview and a move back home for one of our kids has soaked up all of my writing time these past few weeks.

I will be caught up with everything by mid-month, and back to posting regularly.Although I may have some nice pictures to share from the drive up to Boston and Back! LOL!

Good luck to everyone with back to school and end of summer duties!

Blessings… Robin



Morning Leaves


Look up
Look up!

A beautiful sight
Fills the view!

Graceful branches
Stretch in silhouette
Against a newly lit sky!

But you have to look up
To see all that nature
Has as canopy of morning.

The day will move at its pace
Even if you take no notice of
What awaits your gaze.


Look up!
Look up!

And perhaps what moves you
Through your day is memory
Of morning sky’s beauty
And the call to Look Up!

I often arrive at work early, and as the Fall approaches it is not fully light yet. This picture was taken from the parking lot one morning.

I looked up and was greeted by the beauty of a gently lit morning sky. The silhouette of a large tree that is on the lot seemed to have inked its way across the sky. The leaves had begun to turn and some were denser than others. The impression was one of serene beauty and massive power.

The interesting thing of note is that the setting is one of a suburban neighborhood setting. The lot that the building is on has a few trees on it but pointing my camera level would have revealed a brick and mortar building, streets, homes, a chain link fence and dumpsters. Looking up created quite a different impression leaving the brick and mortar world behind.

Whisper to Me


I hear you call me out into the night
Your watchful gaze lighting my way.

I stand beneath the glory of your fullness
And drink in light that is filled with stars.


The night wraps me in the blanket of stillness
And I look to you for answers to questions yet unformed.

I feel the rhythm of life all around me
Heeding your command and bowing to your pull.

I look up as you rise higher on your path
And know that I am not alone enraptured by your beauty.


You shine full and strong and I feel the reach of my heart
Stretching out to you humbled by your power.

I breath deeply and your love fills every cell of my being
And as I surrender to the flow of your cycle I hear the soft
Whisper of a Mother’s voice calling her loved one home.

Blessings of the Full Moon in Aquarius
August 10.2014