Early Morning Rain



It is 7 a.m. and filtered light etches
Its patterns in the morning sky.

Rain pounds down in
Splutters and torrents
And I think on the
Promise of this day.

I sit in the rain cloaked
Space of my car; waiting
For the pause of water’s
Need to bathe all in its cleansing.

The rain taps out the staccato
Syncopation of a flamenco
Dancer’s heels; passionate
And filled with Fire.

Streams flow from paved lot
Reaching out seeking boundary that
Will contain them and drink freely
From their steady flow.
The comfort of my bed and
The darkness of night’s embrace
Just a pace behind me.

I think on the duality
Of night holding tightly
To its power in the morning’s
Domain and it brings me to
A place of reflection
On my own internal nature.

The waters, the darkness
And the desire for light
All facets of my own
Nature. Cleansing of shadow
And fluid of sky and earth
Holding back the light until
All has been saturated and

The rain slows for a moment
And the time is now at hand
To sink into the depths of those
Waters and retrieve the gifts
Of Goddess outpour.

I walk slowly, intent upon
Receiving the bounty of
Love and Grace.

Sun’s gentle morning light20140916_065702
Stretches across earth’s
Dewy face and with the
Dawning of this golden strand
I am bathed in the waters
Of my own day’s destiny.