Snow Dance

SnowDanceaIn honor of a “Snow Day” and my favorite time of the year….

They gently fall cascading
Each unique and finely etched
Crystalline beauty reflecting
Prism of light and dew.

Without a sound they
Touch the chilled ground
Spreading white carpet over
Soil and herb, leaf and root

They rise upward caught in white
Pyramid of billowy canopy of tiny
Cluster and softest of weight
Barely a breeze would move them in
An elegant waltz to and fro.

They melt under the brilliance
Of sunlight’s watchful gaze
Now merging and blending
Their dance complete
As droplets of water
Flow and pools of icy
Crystal reflect tree and bough.

Until once again the
Silent overture is played
The dancers wait in the wings
And snowflakes dance as
They gently fall.


Momma Needs A New Sled!

IMG_0368This past Sunday I got my snow fix with a round trip to Boston
Roads were wet and frosty
No matter to me
My winter wonderland had
Finally been found.



Back home I was wishing and waiting

Hoping snow would softly fall.





Come on double flakes
Roll me a few inches
Momma needs a new sled!