Winter Reverie

Winter Reverie PicMusings from a wintery drive…

The Sun streams down
Upon my upturned face
And radiant brilliance of
Warm golden light
Veiled through closed lids.

The breath of the Divine
Caresses my face
Tossing ringlets of hair
Out to be bourne aloft
On wintry breeze.

The frosty water gurgles and
Babbles rushing past.
It carries the message of
Spring’s return soon.

Sun sculpted silhouette
Of bark and branches
Stripped bare and weathered
by Autumn’s loving hand.

Standing stately, waiting
Against canvas of pastel blue sky
Painted by brush stroke of
Chilling air and moistures dew.

Nature is all around me
The pulse of life beating
Deep within the Mother’s heart.

The promise of Spring held
In each remnant of
Icy crystal that forms
Like tiny diamonds
On bough and dried leaf.

I sit in my quiet reverie
Opening to the web of
All Beings and Life.
Opening to the mysteries
Of the natural world.