Gaia’s Spring Cloak

In Honor of Earth Day 2015….


The sweet song of the birds
Calls me from my winter’s sleep
Announcing that Spring has arrived.
I stretch and wipe the remnants of sleep
From slowly focusing eyes.

Sunlight streams though spider silk curtains of gauzy
Lightness and a soft and gentle breeze
Carries the scent of newly awakened earth.


I stand from my soft bed of moss and greenery
The earth below my feet moist with fairy kissed dew
A leafy canopy of roof that shelters over head
Filters early morning sunlight like shards
Of the finest crystalline prism.

IMG_0354_2All of nature surrounds me
The call to Spring heard
In the deep roots that
Meander through
Loamy earth.


I lift my face upwards
Towards sun drenched sky
And breathe in the
Essence of newness.

Quickened life fills my being
And in harmony with
The eternal cycle
I am clothed on the fabric
Of Gaia’s Spring cloak.


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