This one gets placed here.
And, that one goes over there.
Let’s move these two up here.
That will give the whole picture
A strong and clear focal point.

Oh, but wait, we must add these two.
They are perfectly shaped and are contrast in color.
And, the last one goes here to balance everything.

Now, if only humans could see the patterns
The way we trees do when we shed our cones.

I’ve not posted here in a while. Largely because of unexpected commitments and the need to focus my energy elsewhere. I realize that I missed my adventures into the natural world and the creative flow of writing about what I’ve experienced. I also realized that his is a sort of patterning that is my own.

I carefully place this idea here and that project there and although the picture is orderly and appears to be just what is needed to complete a whole pattern, it can never remain that way. Other leaves fall around what has been placed, some completely obscuring the pattern originally intended. Strong winds come along or the downpour of rains that set adrift what has been carefully planned and placed as part of the perfect pattern.  And, before you know it, time has moved forward and a new pattern has replaced the old.

So with these thoughts in mind, I am re-patterning. Part of that plan is to make sure that I “make” time to engage in the natural world; to savor the pleasure I take in capturing those special moments on pen and in image. And, to allow myself to flow with these new patterns, giving more import to neither one nor the other, but seeing them as intimately connected to one another in the natural cycle of change.