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There Was A Time…

There was a time
When I sat in
This space.

There was a time when
The voices of happy
Children called out
To play.

There was a time when
I didn’t want to be
Anywhere else other
Than here.

There was a time when
The rain fell and we
All huddled under
Gazebo’s embrace.

There was a time when
The warmest spot was
Under Gazebo’s roof.

There was a time when
All my children
Rode bicycles round and
Round shouting in
Pure delight.

Now there is a new time.
I visit alone and sounds
Of children that are
Not my own.

This new time is a
Revisit to when…

There was a time
Favorite thing was
Going to the Park…..


Whisper to Me


I hear you call me out into the night
Your watchful gaze lighting my way.

I stand beneath the glory of your fullness
And drink in light that is filled with stars.


The night wraps me in the blanket of stillness
And I look to you for answers to questions yet unformed.

I feel the rhythm of life all around me
Heeding your command and bowing to your pull.

I look up as you rise higher on your path
And know that I am not alone enraptured by your beauty.


You shine full and strong and I feel the reach of my heart
Stretching out to you humbled by your power.

I breath deeply and your love fills every cell of my being
And as I surrender to the flow of your cycle I hear the soft
Whisper of a Mother’s voice calling her loved one home.

Blessings of the Full Moon in Aquarius
August 10.2014