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Morning Shower


Wake up
Wake up
Wake Up!

I want to show
You my droplets.

Light hasn’t filled
Them yet but soon
They will shine like
Sparkling diamonds.

See how I hold them
So delicately and

Can’t let a single
One fall to the
Abyss below never
To enjoy the radiance
That they were destined for.

Wake up
Come on sleepy head
Come outside to take
Your morning shower…


Can You See Me?


Hanging out where no one can see
Perfect space to safely camouflage me.

People pass by and I feel the gentle breeze
It brushes against wings and still no one sees.

And as delicate and fragile as I appear
My strength is held in hiding from any who are near.

For all are so busy they miss most of nature’s beauty
As they hurry here and there in pursuit of timely duty.

I am not alone for much of nature lay deftly hiding
Close to the human world and for their lack of attention no chiding.

But for those who will stop and look and our beauty truly see
We linger a bit longer and Nature and Human for a time in
Communion will be.

My daughter noticed this beautiful Moth on the outside wall of a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Connecticut.