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Time Out!

Today was one of those “reactive” days. I felt agitated from the start and pressures at work did not help. Instead of digging my heels deeper into getting the necessary work done, I decided that I needed to reconnect with nature more. So, I used my lunch break to go to a nearby park that holds fond memories of days spent there with my kids.

I sat under my favorite tree, breathed into my surroundings and this poem is what emerged as gift from the Fae and Mother Earth…


Rest on the ground
Roots deep into the earth.


Anchor your Soul

So your Spirit may fly…..

I smell the soil dampened
By early Summer’s rains.

I see the green of leaf
And leaves radiant in
Their technocolor palette.


I feel the spiraling wind
Caressing skin that softens
Into relaxed repose.

I hear the call of
Bird and insect adding
Harmonious melody to the
Drone of nearby highway.

I taste the nourishing
Peace of surrender and
The healing of Mother
Earth’s living touch.


The memory of day’s work
And tension’s rising are
Now distant and claiming
No hold in the calm of
This lunch time retreat.

The voracious hunger for
Earth’s bounty of grounding
And serenity now satisfied.



Gaia’s Spring Cloak

In Honor of Earth Day 2015….


The sweet song of the birds
Calls me from my winter’s sleep
Announcing that Spring has arrived.
I stretch and wipe the remnants of sleep
From slowly focusing eyes.

Sunlight streams though spider silk curtains of gauzy
Lightness and a soft and gentle breeze
Carries the scent of newly awakened earth.


I stand from my soft bed of moss and greenery
The earth below my feet moist with fairy kissed dew
A leafy canopy of roof that shelters over head
Filters early morning sunlight like shards
Of the finest crystalline prism.

IMG_0354_2All of nature surrounds me
The call to Spring heard
In the deep roots that
Meander through
Loamy earth.


I lift my face upwards
Towards sun drenched sky
And breathe in the
Essence of newness.

Quickened life fills my being
And in harmony with
The eternal cycle
I am clothed on the fabric
Of Gaia’s Spring cloak.


Looking Out

Not feeling well today
So, I’m looking outside.

Leaves are blowing
Shadows of almost
Noon day’s sun
Etched on the walkway.

Each blowing leaf
Beckoning to me to
Come out and play
But I’m not feeling
my best today.

Slight chill in the air
That keeps me indoors
Despite insistent greenery
That says come breathe
In the fresh air.

So, I lay down on the couch
Looking out the front door
Drifting off to healing sleep
As my healthy self steps over
The threshold and held in Mother
Nature’s greenery I find that
I’m Looking out no more.