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Fall’s Trio

 You Are Cordially Invited!

Cordially Invited

You are cordially invited to walk softly on my earth as you enjoy the splendor of our home.
I will greet you at the furthest reaches of the horizon.
The time is now through the rest of your life.
This event is open to all who would spend some time in my presence.
There is no fee, save the expense of your time freely offered and your respect and tender care.
You may bring as many guests as you like. I have more than enough bounty and experience to provide for all.
RSVP is not necessary. Simply show up! Be Fully Present! And be sure to take with you the lessons you find along the path.
Please share this invitation with all you meet.


Can You See Me? -2IMG_0253

I’m hiding in the palette
Of fall leaves
Can you see me?

Light splatters like paint
Over my body and my leaves
Are brilliant with Fall light.


Can you see me?


Fall Moon


Mother Moon rides high across dark sky
Framed by foliage of fall’s grace.

She shines clear and bright
As leafy bough sways gently
Tracing a path in the fragrant
Smoke of burning leaves and
Chill of autumn’s wind.


She needs no frame of accent
Her beauty lights the night sky
And all of earthbound anchor
Sigh at the beauty of Her splendor.

A beautiful day for a drive and honoring of Fall Moon’s night.