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As the Seasons Flow One Into the Other

Fall’s Beauty Glimmers in Sun Drenched Sky

Vibrant in Splendor and Grace

IMG_0250Heralding The Changing of the Colors as Harvest and Home

Call Us to Community and Gratitude


Winter Rages Cold and Strong and 

Hearth Fires Warm and Soothe 

Aching Bones        


Icy Trees Stand Like Earthen Sculptures

Fragile in Their Crystalline Beauty


Silently Life Pushes Through Frozen Ground and

Spring Blooms as all of Life

Awaits the Return of Green


And the Promise of Summer’s Radiant Kiss 

Not Yet Fully Given 

And Tender Young Ingenues

Bow Flower Face

With Lips Pursed and Full 



Gaia’s Spring Cloak

In Honor of Earth Day 2015….


The sweet song of the birds
Calls me from my winter’s sleep
Announcing that Spring has arrived.
I stretch and wipe the remnants of sleep
From slowly focusing eyes.

Sunlight streams though spider silk curtains of gauzy
Lightness and a soft and gentle breeze
Carries the scent of newly awakened earth.


I stand from my soft bed of moss and greenery
The earth below my feet moist with fairy kissed dew
A leafy canopy of roof that shelters over head
Filters early morning sunlight like shards
Of the finest crystalline prism.

IMG_0354_2All of nature surrounds me
The call to Spring heard
In the deep roots that
Meander through
Loamy earth.


I lift my face upwards
Towards sun drenched sky
And breathe in the
Essence of newness.

Quickened life fills my being
And in harmony with
The eternal cycle
I am clothed on the fabric
Of Gaia’s Spring cloak.


A Fine Spring Day!

Fine Spring day

I awaken to an
Aria of birdsong
Spring has arrived and
They can hardly wait to
Announce its sunny day.

Fresh scent of new flowers
Wafts on the breeze through
My window and I hurry to
Dress for the day so I can
Walk amongst the
Splendor of its greenery.

Sun rises high over head
And I hurry along the path
To my favorite hidden spot
Anticipating the green spectacle
That is budding and blossoming.

The wind carries birdsong from
A distance away and I stop
To let it flow through me.

The sun sets low as vibrant gold
And warm orange hues fill a sky
That was ablaze just a few hours ago.

I crawl into a warm bed
Leaving my window just slightly ajar.

I fall asleep as night owl hoots
And welcomes the rising of the
Of another Spring Moon.

Fine Spring day

Spring Snow


Spring has come today
And the Maiden comes into
The world of life pregnant
With Winter’s final birthing.

The seeding of new life flows
White and heavy in its
Presence as greening’s
Warmth meets Winter’s cold.

This is not the heralding of gentle
Spring I have been anticipating.

This is the final good bye
To Winter’s white hold.


Sparkling icy flakes coating
Grass that is just awakening
Leafy branches heavy with
Frosty icing.


Just wait it won’t be long now
Snow covered trees will bloom
With greenery.

White carpeted land will awaken
Into a kaleidoscope of flowering

Spring will take hold and the
Maiden’s tears will flow as warm
Rain quickening everything they touch.


Lacy White


Sunlight flows
Through lacy white
Slim and strong
Delicate grace in sight.

Gentle green peeks
In between
Dark stained wood
On branches birds
Fluff feather and preen.

Nature’s Life lay hidden
Within bough and bark
Summer’s hand is calling
And His brilliance of
Light has left graceful mark.

The photo was taken at Ridley Creek State Park. I stopped to take some photos  after visiting my Mom.

Maiden’s Cauldron


Come dance round my cauldron
Come smell herbs burning bright
Come take from my energy of
Youth, fertility and might.

I wait for my consort
The wild youth of
Nature’s fecundity
In passion’s heat the
Cauldron’s flame will
Rise and burn strong.

The union of our passion
This act of creation
Its desire and will
These are the fruits of
The fires that burn
All season long.

Inspired by our Beltane Ritual at Ridley Creek State Park today.

May’s Promise


Morning sun rises
Spreading fingers of
Light calling me to rise
It’s time!

The wind blows gently
And I hear the song of
Wind chimes telling me
It’s time!

The birds chirp eagerly
As wings flutter in
Trees that are greening
Every day because
It’s time!

The delicate fragrance
Of newly budding flower
Wafts through the air
Etching ribbon’s writing
Its time!

I walk on warming soil
No longer frozen from
Cold winter’s touch
It’s time!

Sunlight lingers as
Hours stretch into
Eventide and flaming
Orb of Father Sun flows
Gently into a warm
Night that whispers
It’s time!

May has come and the
Beauty of floral
Colored gown and
Hair of golden sunlight
Holds in her verdant womb
Of fertile growth season’s
Greening of life and land.

This is her cycle’s yearly
Promise that now
It’s Time!