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S(now) Day!

There is silence when the snow falls
The world rebirthed in prisitine flakes.

Peace abounds and all stills in the call
Winter’s hold showering droplets of perfection.

Footsteps mark the path as dreamer walks

Glistening breath of Goddess and nature’s gift.

Wet and cold shivering in icy domain
Content and warm in beauty’s grasp.

The silence calls
The wind blows
The bells shimmer and ring



As the Seasons Flow One Into the Other

Fall’s Beauty Glimmers in Sun Drenched Sky

Vibrant in Splendor and Grace

IMG_0250Heralding The Changing of the Colors as Harvest and Home

Call Us to Community and Gratitude


Winter Rages Cold and Strong and 

Hearth Fires Warm and Soothe 

Aching Bones        


Icy Trees Stand Like Earthen Sculptures

Fragile in Their Crystalline Beauty


Silently Life Pushes Through Frozen Ground and

Spring Blooms as all of Life

Awaits the Return of Green


And the Promise of Summer’s Radiant Kiss 

Not Yet Fully Given 

And Tender Young Ingenues

Bow Flower Face

With Lips Pursed and Full 


Winter Reverie

Winter Reverie PicMusings from a wintery drive…

The Sun streams down
Upon my upturned face
And radiant brilliance of
Warm golden light
Veiled through closed lids.

The breath of the Divine
Caresses my face
Tossing ringlets of hair
Out to be bourne aloft
On wintry breeze.

The frosty water gurgles and
Babbles rushing past.
It carries the message of
Spring’s return soon.

Sun sculpted silhouette
Of bark and branches
Stripped bare and weathered
by Autumn’s loving hand.

Standing stately, waiting
Against canvas of pastel blue sky
Painted by brush stroke of
Chilling air and moistures dew.

Nature is all around me
The pulse of life beating
Deep within the Mother’s heart.

The promise of Spring held
In each remnant of
Icy crystal that forms
Like tiny diamonds
On bough and dried leaf.

I sit in my quiet reverie
Opening to the web of
All Beings and Life.
Opening to the mysteries
Of the natural world.

Snow Dance

SnowDanceaIn honor of a “Snow Day” and my favorite time of the year….

They gently fall cascading
Each unique and finely etched
Crystalline beauty reflecting
Prism of light and dew.

Without a sound they
Touch the chilled ground
Spreading white carpet over
Soil and herb, leaf and root

They rise upward caught in white
Pyramid of billowy canopy of tiny
Cluster and softest of weight
Barely a breeze would move them in
An elegant waltz to and fro.

They melt under the brilliance
Of sunlight’s watchful gaze
Now merging and blending
Their dance complete
As droplets of water
Flow and pools of icy
Crystal reflect tree and bough.

Until once again the
Silent overture is played
The dancers wait in the wings
And snowflakes dance as
They gently fall.